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With nearly 1 billion active users present on Instagram, businesses have now found ways to leverage the platform as effective means to grow themselves. Over the past few years, there has been a massive rise of small businesses on Instagram, which has turned into a whole new form of alternate revenue for most.

Starting your small business on Instagram can be overwhelming, let alone doing everything all by yourself. You don’t need to spend huge amounts to kick start your Instagram marketing efforts when most can be done for FREE.

So, here is a list of must-have FREE tools that can help start your business:

Content Management System via Google Sheets

Maintaining and tracking content is extremely important to ensure that you are being consistent on the platform. While there are a number of Content Management Systems present out there, you can very easily manage the content system by using a Simple Google Sheet which can be shareable across your team!


Here’s a simple and effective content calendar that we at E-Bizz use to manage all the content that we deliver across Instagram.

Creating Posts via Canva

Once you have your content planner set up, you’ll need to start getting the designs ready. Unlike before where you relied completely upon a Graphic designer to design these posts, you can make good quality posts by using Canva.

Canva’s Free library has access to a huge number of free editable templates. If you are interested they also have a Pro version that gives you unlimited access to more templates. Although, I’d say the Free version is good to start with.


Scheduling Posts via Facebook Creator Studio

After you have your designs and captions ready, you can schedule these posts by a Free tool provided by Facebook. There’s one thing to note, you need to have a Facebook business page that is linked to your Instagram business profile for you to be able to schedule posts on Instagram.

Competitor and Hashtag Analysis via Not Just Analytics

It’s important to conduct a competitor analysis to know how or what content works for your competitors. Try to get inspired by that content and create content in your unique way addressing the audience’s queries. There are multiple such tools available but we prefer Not Just Analytics.

Not Just Analytics is an amazing tool that gives out many features like engagement rate, followers, average likes, hashtags used, etc., which could give you a good insight on how to work about your content strategy. To get in-depth detail on follower growth they also have a Pro version with several features. But the Free one is good enough.

Although these are several other tools that are available, I’d say when you’re starting your business and have a minimum budget to work with, these tools can be more than enough to help you get started on the right track.

Apart from the tools, the main thing that you’d need to focus on is developing an effective content strategy to help grow your business on Instagram. A business’s end goal should never just be about how many followers we obtain, but it should be about converting them to customers or brand advocates.

For more tips on growing your business on Instagram, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

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