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Hi! We’re E-Bizz

Do you run a business? Are you looking to grow your business digitally? Do you want someone who would help increase your marketing efforts and get you more leads and sales? Well, You've come to the right place.! We aim to provide companies with marketing services that would help them gain more leads and sales while optimizing their marketing budgets.

Our Story

Diving into the internet marketing business was not a conscious decision. While we did have experience in the marketing field, it was only when a close family friend stated his troubles with online marketing that we saw an opportunity to start our own venture.  Having known each other for quite a while from college helped us overcome the initial bonding struggles and kept us in tune with our purpose.

As we helped our friend navigate the marketing industry, it slowly dawned on us just how compatible our thought process was in coming up with strategies and understanding the marketing guidelines.

We began noticing how small businesses, popular through word-of-mouth marketing, had no idea how to go about building their online presence. Their general struggles included not knowing the right approach to digital marketing and getting misguided by information overload through personal research. In foresight, our goal is to rank as one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

Haseeb with his analytical mindset and myself, Muizz, with the creative designing streak, formed the perfect combination to carry forward our ideals while figuring out successful marketing strategies to suit the budget and needs of SMBs.

Our Mission

Helping improve your business marketing efforts on a digital platform is our single main goal.

We achieve this result through accurate tracking and management of every single ad strategy or post, furnishing unique insights about your business. This allows us to eliminate ineffective advertising strategies and identify potential strategies, thereby providing a cost-effective solution to helping your business grow steadily.

Our Vision

We aim to be known as the best digital agency in India, providing reliable efficiency through our creative and fresh approaches to digital marketing strategies that help businesses stand out in a competitive market.

How we are Different

We believe our work approach sets us apart from the rest. While primarily aiming to provide effective services to improve your overall marketing ROI, every task is undertaken with a zeal to succeed as if it were our business on the line. We track every single marketing campaign in use to help us understand your business from a business owner's point of view.

With this data, and our expertise with digital marketing, eliminating ineffective marketing strategies becomes effortless. In time, our optimized methods yield quality leads that eventually convert into sales.

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