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We are a Digital Marketing Consultancy located in Bangalore. We aim to provide companies with marketing services that would help them gain more leads and sales, while optimizing their marketing budgets.

Do you run a business? Are you looking to grow your business digitally? Do you want someone who would help increase your marketing efforts and get you more leads and sales? Well, You've come to the right place.!

Our Mission

Helping businesses to improve their marketing efforts on a digital platform is our single main goal. At E-Bizz we try to accurately track every single ad strategy, even if its just monitoring the company website. How does this help us? Well, tracking and data can provide an individual with unique insights about your business, this would curb way to developing new ad / marketing strategies. We make sure to share these insights with our clients, this would allow you to eliminate any ineffective advertising strategies and help you identify new potential strategies that could be a cost-effective solution to help grow your business.

Two Important Things to Look at When Marketing on a Digital Platform
  • Track Data: 

    The best and most accurate way to enhance your advertising and marketing efforts is by tracking all the campaigns that you work on, even if its just on a single platform. Most business owners track their data by asking the simple "Where did you hear about us from?" to their customers. This approach is not completely accurate, and at times misleading. There have been case studies done and proven to show that 50% of those responses are inaccurate.

  • Increase Visibility: 

    Make it a habit to go across your Google search engine and type in the keywords that you think customers would use to find you. If you are not seeing your website come up on the first page for atleast two tries, you are loosing on potential customers. Hence, it's necessary to take whatever measures necessary to build up your page to come on top, because the internet is the most powerful and cost-effective, sales and marketing tool at your disposal.

    And with the continued evolution of marketing methods on the internet, many small and medium sized business owners give online marketing an after thought due to its growing overall complexity.

How is E-Bizz Different from other agencies?

At E-Bizz we believe to work with your business as our own. We aim to provide effective service to improve your overall marketing ROI. We help you track every single marketing campaign that you use, as that is the first step to developing effective marketing strategies. Tracking helps us understand business from a business owner's point of view.


With this data and our expertise with digital marketing and website optimization, we eliminate ineffective marketing strategies, and try to get more quality leads that would eventually convert into sales.


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